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Real video testimonials of Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur

These are first-hand Clint Arthur Reviews from his students and customers who have actually paid money to attend his events. For truthful, reliable comments about what the Clint Arthur experience is like, watch these videos.

Clint Arthur Review by Suzanne Somers

Clint Arthur Review by Nigel Farage

Clint Arthur Reviews: 3 Weeks in Acapulco

"The Best Speaker I Have Ever Seen"

What’s it like at Clint’s events in Acapulco?

Maria Angelova feedback on Clint Arthur Training

Review of the Clint Arthur book WISDOM OF THE MEN:

Axl Gonzalez reviews Clint Arthur book 'Wisdom of the Men'
Barb Paulskiewicz on Clint Arthur: 'You know EVERYONE I know who has done Celebrity Launch Pad, or has attended any of your events has had tremendous success. You really get results. Real results. The credibility that you help establish for us, the skill that you have of bringing out what we got inside is beautiful. Thank you Clint Arthur, Thank you Alison Savitch for being part of my success. P.S. Every time I see someone wearing hot pink, it reminds me of you too. I think every guy that has gone through one of your sessions owns one or more pink ties now!'
Clint Arthur and Maria Angelova
Invest in mentors, and none are better than us. Debra Bingham replies: 'I agree whole heartedly! Ali and Clint are the best mentors I have ever worked with! All you have to do is SHOW UP! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for being my mentors and changing my life, my patients lives and my family’s life! For pushing me to be better than I ever thought I could be! You over deliver! You ROCK! See you Monday in beautiful London!'

Clint Arthur Reviews from Facebook

Clint Arthur student "Getting ready to share the stage with Clint"

"From $2 million to $4 million in 1 year..."

Student on Celebrity Launchpad #45: "Booked 7 or 8 local shows... and a couple of national shows!"

“Go through the experiences, the exercises, the grind of working with producers and finding out what you’re made of! It’s an incredible, transformational experience – you’ve GOT to do this!”

"Clint Arthur pushes you to your limits and BEYOND - and makes everyone the best they can be"

“Hey, I’m Linda Fostek, and this is my second event with Clint Arthur. I got not only what I was expecting – but more than I was expecting! Clint not only pushes you to your limits and beyond – he brings out of everyone the BEST they can possibly be, and lets them know that there’s even more good to come from this and beyond!”

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"Busy Mom" does Clint's coaching TWICE - gets on Dr. Oz

“What makes a busy mom, with a busy schedule, go to Clint’s seminar TWICE? RESULTS. Celebrity Luanchpad gives you more transformation than anything else you’ll do. Nobody coaches you to be a Celebrity Expert on TV like Clint Arthur can.”

"I IMMEDIATELY got booked on TV"

“I read Clint’s book Break Through Your Upper Limits On TV… RIGHT AWAY, I got booked on TV… in San Antonio. Great job, Clint Arthur!”

"If you don't get with Clint, you're crazy!"

Dr. Catrise Austin – “The Queen of Smiles” and Cardi B’s dentist, a long-time student of Clint Arthur who has done various programs with him, including local TV media coaching on Celebrity Launchpad and VIP speaking at the Harvard Club of Boston, is joining Clint Arthur at his conference featuring Dr. Oz, Dr. Drew, a US Surgeon General, the real Patch Adams, NASA astronaut Mike Massimino (“The Big Bang Theory”) and more: The Instant Marketing Miracle.

"Clint Arthur is my Secret Weapon" - Lisa Sasevich

Public speaking expert Lisa Sasevich, after being coached on Clint’s Celebrity Launchpad.

"Harvard Faculty Club with Clint Arthur 4Xed our sales"

“As a direct result of attending Clint Arthur’s event, we have QUADRUPLED our sales… in fact, in this quarter alone, we’ve already done more business this year than we’ve done all of last year.”

"Doubled My Prices, Doubled My Sales"

“After Celebrity Launchpad, I went and did my first 5 [TV] appearances… and after those were done, I immediately deployed them. In my presentation, I put 5 screengrabs of me on NBC/ABC/CBS, and now when I say “who am I?” I say “I do TV and media all the time.” BOOM – I doubled my elite package pricing. Usually I sell one, maybe two… I sold FOUR at that event, so I doubled the amount of sales, and I doubled the DOLLAR amount of sales … which came out to A $200,000 difference in revenue. I believe that was 100% because Clint pushed me to deploy the TV assets, and I’m glad I did.”

Even more Clint Arthur Reviews

"Clint Arthur event at Harvard Faculty Club: TRIPLED my revenues"

“My husband spoke at Clint Arthur’s event at the Harvard Faculty Club… the networking and the people he met there… that’s turned into actual clients and … increased my revenue over 300%.”

"If you have a chance to work with Clint, DO IT"

“Clint has a reputation for being a slave-driver, but it’s all in love! He really wants to see us succeed… and we do succeed. I’ve grown so much because of the programs I’ve done with Clint Arthur… I had to talk about something that was so difficult for me, but I managed to pull it off. If it wasn’t for Clint’s coaching and his love for the work I do, I don’t think anybody else could help me the way he does!”

Clint Arthur coaching venue
Review of Clint Arthur Coaching
At Clint Arthur Coaching VenueAbreak from training at Clint Arthur events
During Clint Arthur training and coaching
Steve Dietz and Halina Stec endorse Clint Arthur and Ali Savitch
Clint Arthur training venue and place